Seven Chakra Restaurant

Celebrating Tradition, Innovation, and Heritage in Every Bite

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Seven Chakras | Where Passion Meets the Heart of India's Flavours

Indulge in the essence of India at Seven Chakras, your gateway to a culinary journey like no other in Amsterdam. We are more than just a restaurant, we are a celebration of Indian culture and flavours. Started in 1971, Seven Chakras was inspired by the rich legacy of Indian cuisine pioneer Bihari Lal Dogra.

We have taken great care in crafting our menu, honouring both tradition and innovation. Our dishes stand as vibrant expressions of India's abundant and diverse culinary heritage, harmoniously weaving together an array of flavours that will take you on a delectable journey.

Located conveniently near Central Station, Seven Chakras offers a cosy atmosphere for you to enjoy the diverse flavours of Indian cuisine. Come, join us, and experience the joy of Indian food like never before.